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Boveda 8g

Boveda 8g

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8g - 300 Pack

Keep up to an ounce of cannabis or hemp fresh with 62% Size 8 Boveda flower humidity control packs. Using a Boveda pack keeps your weed mold-free and prevents it from overdrying for months. It’s as easy as slipping the small brown packet into your weed container.

62% RH is for:

  • People who live in dry climates
  • People who live in high altitudes
  • Those who prefer flower that is very sticky and fluffy
  • Reviving dry flower

58% RH is for:

  • People who prefer buds that are easier to break down
  • People who live in more humid climates

Size 8 is for:

  • Medium-sized airtight weed storage containers, including airtight jars, CVaults, bags, or canisters
  • Keeping up to an ounce (28 grams) of flower fresh
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