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CytoPlus™ offers all the benefits of seaweed and micronutrients, enhanced by BioAg’s superior humic acid concentrate. CytoPlus feeds soil microbes while also improving plant growth and yield. This formula is especially beneficial when used during key transitional periods, such as vegetative to bloom. Works fantastic in a compost tea!

  • Improves efficiency of applied fertilizers

  • Increases flowering, fruit set, improves soil tilth, and increases trace element levels

  • Increases water holding capacity and CEC of the soil

  • Improves overall plant health and decreases risk of abiotic stress

  • Optimizes plant performance and improves soil conditions

  • For improved crop establishment

CytoPlus™ can be applied to all crops including; trees, vines, ornamentals, small fruits, vegetables, row crops, feed crops, forage, and pasture. It can be applied by in-furrow, spray, fertigation, and side dress. Consult with your agronomist for the correct number of applications.

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