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Pounder Bag 50

Pounder Bag 50

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Introducing our Pounder Bag – a sleek and functional packaging solution designed to elevate your storage and presentation needs.

Dimensions:Measuring at 11.5x18 inches, this mylar bag boasts a self-stand-up gusset at the bottom, providing not only a larger capacity but also enhancing its shelf performance. Perfect for storing 1 lb of your favorite products.

Thickness:With a thickness of 5 mil per side (10 mil double-sided), this mylar bag is not only robust but also clean and safe for a variety of contents such as Hemp, food, coffee beans, cosmetics, tea, nuts, and more.

Resealable:Equipped with a quality resealable locking zipper, our mylar bag ensures an airtight seal, keeping your contents safe, dry, and fresh. Say goodbye to worries about spills or spoilage.

Heat Seal:Easily heat seal the top sealable area of this barrier bag with an impulse sealer, enhancing its functionality and ensuring that the smell stays where it belongs. Ideal for selling or sampling your products with confidence.

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